We believe a dementia care home should be

  • Where each person is an individual
  • Where there are no unnecessary rules and regulations
  • Where dignity, peace and comfort take priority
  • Where companionship, interest and activity flourishes.
  • And where people are supported to lead the fullest possible lives

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Dementia Care Policy

When a client starts to display signs of Dementia, we liaise with the interdisciplinary team (G.P., Geriatrician, C.P.N. etc) to ensure early and accurate diagnosis. The care home will ensure the appropriate assessment tools are used to ensure the best level of dementia care is provided.

Members of staff are trained in providing and maintaining high standards of Dementia care and are supported in the work-place in delivering this care. The care home will ensure that there is a Dementia Champion to support clients and staff.

Dementia clients have their privacy, dignity, and independence respected, and are encouraged to make choices for determining future decisions.

Dementia clients can lead a happy, enjoyable life and feel part of the community.

Dementia clients will have access to the treatment and support which are best for their type of Dementia.

Dementia clients can be confident that their end of life wishes will be respected, and they can expect a good death.

The home ensures that good care and nursing practice is delivered and maintained based on up to date research based knowledge.

The care home will strive to meet the National Dementia Strategy quality outcomes, liaising with the client’s GP and Dementia specialists.

The use of visual aids around the care home and in the client’s individual room enables memory recognition and reduces confusion.

The use of cognitive aids, e.g. Pressure mats / low level lighting / brightly coloured toilet seat etc enables the client to be as independent as possible in their own environment.

The care home’s activity organiser will accommodate special activities to include the Dementia clients.

The care home will involve outside agencies when and if appropriate.

If the client’s dementia progresses and their behaviour adversely affects other clients, the home would liaise with other professionals and the client’s next of kin in order to assess the best way to care for the client at this stage. The home can only care for Dementia clients where their needs can be met.

Sometimes it is necessary, in the client’s best interests, to be cared for in an alternative environment.

Reference: Quality Outcomes for people with dementia: building on the work of the National Dementia Strategy. The Department of Health. 2010. www.dh.gov.uk/publications

Most of Heron's Park dementia care clients come from or have family in the West Midlands including Worcester, Droitwich, Redditch, Bromsgrove, Stourbridge, Bridgnorth & Kidderminster. Please contact us to arrange a visit or ask about our current vacancies.